Create Your Own Path

A 14 day Practice


I’m so happy that you’re here.

That you’re ready to explore a deeper daily practice and make 2019 the year of YOU.

Over the course of 14 days, you’ll start to create space for the real YOU and enable a review of your own life’s journey.

To find and follow the breadcrumbs of the lessons, you’ve already learnt to guide you to your next chapter.


Everything that happens is your teacher.

The secret is to learn to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it.

Everything that happens is either a blessing which is also a lesson.

Or a lesson which is also a blessing.

It’s a beautiful saying and one that I have had with me for 15 years.

Given to me by my first ever yoga teacher, I knew instinctively it was an important message for me, but I didn’t quite grasp it until years later.

I thought it was about making logical decisions.

Coming to a fork in the road and using your past experience to know which path to choose, which decision to make.

This is back when I lived my whole life in my head.

I know now that this message, is much more than that.

And that living in your head is no way to live.

You must connect with your heart and listen to what it aches to tell you, through the story you already know.

Your own.

By looking back at your story and taking in the most important parts, you can not only make choices, but CREATE more options.

I believe that life experiences conspire for our overall greater and highest good.

The secret is to look back to understand what got you to today.

What lies at the heart of your story ?

What patterns are you wearing like grooves, deeper and deeper into your day to day life, that no longer serve you.

How do you create new patterns, behaviours, beliefs that will be valuable to you today ?

We hold inside us all the treasure we will ever need, you just have to ask.

This practice has been created by following the breadcrumbs that my life had already left me, by learning from my past and then using my inner guide (who’s always been there) to help direct me to my next chapter.

This is all available to you as well. .

Over the course of 14 days, you’ll experience my very own blend of Urban Medicine, that will help you look back with clarity, to review what needs to be seen, to heal what needs to be healed and release that, which needs to be let go.

From this place your way forward becomes much clearer.

Every day you can access:

  • Beautiful meditation to help calm your mind and create awareness of the real you

  • Video guided journal prompt, designed to open your heart and allow your life’s teaching to flow out onto the page

  • Access to private session with me to check in and share (if you are called to) the insights that bubble up from inside and ask questions directly

All delivered to you, to complete in your own time and in the privacy of your own home :).

By healing the past we can transfer our energy not just to the future, but to be more present, today.

To help you do that, I’m adding a curation of tools (rituals) designed to help with healing, release or enquiry for those parts of your journey that need this extra attention.

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