We Have A Magic Fridge

 It became apparent over the last three years or so, that I have in my possession a magic fridge.

Not the contents of the fridge, they are not magic, especially the sludge that sits at the bottom of the crisper bin until it’s cleaned. 

The fridge itself doesn’t perform magic.  It isn’t the latest model or even stainless steel.  No, it’s a basic white fridge/freezer combo with a few dents in the front to add to it’s charm.

The fridge door has been replaced due to young kids swinging on it and opening it every 15 minutes in the middle of summer when they were bored, so it’s not even original.

None of this is what makes our fridge magic.

It’s what we write on it.

Years ago we started putting pictures of what we wanted on the fridge.  Pictures of houses, places and things.  Some we eventually bought, seen and went to, but not all of them.  I ended up taking the pictures down and replacing them with something else, when they started to remind not what I wanted, but what I had not yet attained.

Our fridge was like our dream board.

The real magic started to happen for us, when we wrote our dreams on the fridge.

It occurred to us that the outside of the fridge was like a whiteboard, so that meant it was one, and we should treat it accordingly.

We wrote on the fridge the things we wanted to have and where we wanted to be.

Stuff like:

This house is sold, (and it was).

Our new house with xyz is already waiting for us (and it was).

More recently, we wrote that we were going to Thailand (happened in July 2018).

A few years ago we wrote on it that we would go to Italy, but before being written on the fridge we had been discussing it for years.  The plan was to go there for our 20th wedding anniversary (we leave on 20th January).

There are other goals written on it at that moment. 

Our Roadmap to the Farm – pretty self-explanatory. The other thing written on it is specific actions my husband wishes to take with his business. 

I’ve wiped off all the stuff we’ve done, so it’s sitting there right now begging me to write more stuff on it.

This might seem like we use it as a planning tool, or reminders after we knew these things would all happen.

But that bit is the key.

We write all these things on there before we know how they are going to happen.  Before we know how we will afford it, and certainly before we know all the details.

Its by committing to these things, writing them on the fridge and then moving towards them as if they have already happened, that’s what stirs up the magic.

It has been 4 or 5 years since we started researching the area we want out farm, how big it needs to be, the maximum travel time from our current home, and how far it is from the coast.  What type of house it has, that it has a river or water running through it, that it has a beautiful outlook and is private.

All this forms part of the magic, getting clearer and clearer about how it will be, but not being attached to it. 

I like to say “this or something better”. 

Imagine being steadfast on any details, like it had to be 40 acres no more, when the perfect property comes up that’s 50 acres ?  I might miss it !

Recently we were discussing renovating our kitchen this year and I asked my husband, “What if we get rid of the magic fridge?”

His response reminded me how we have stayed married long enough to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary in Italy this month.

He said “It’s not the fridge that is magic, it’s us”.


Samantha Bright