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You're too aggressive !

“You’re too aggressive”. That was the comment made during my yearly review, by my then, State Manager. 

I'd learnt to play the corporate game. I smiled and said,  “I understand, you’re right”.

It was easier to be compliant in these situations then it was to argue.

Her comment hurt. 

Later I googled the meaning of aggressive, trying to make sense of her feedback. I found something that used the word to describe a world class basketball player “aggressively driving the ball up the centre of the court to triumphantly score for his team”.

Now that described me!

Synonyms for aggressive include; assertive, forceful, competitive, insistent, vigorous, energetic, dynamic, driving, bold, audacious, enterprising.

This is the kind of stuff people put in their resumes. And it’s what has made me take the leap and start my own business, grow it from nothing, encourage and support others in my field, write published articles, run events, win awards, reinvent myself, look to launch an additional service and generally kick ass in my own way in the world of business.

But it’s also the stuff that means, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.

I’m still learning how to live with that. But I have to say, in hindsight my review feedback was right on the money. 😉