Since around 2003 I have made my living exclusively in the finance industry.

The first ten years were spent as an employee (slave) of Australia’s largest lending and financial institutions.

Over that time I gained experience in all types of lending and financial structures.

But I HATED it.

I stayed cause you know, bills to pay, kids to feed, school fees, keeping up with the Jones's........

The only good bit was that I got to see behind the scenes of literally hundreds of finance businesses.

The good, the bad and the downright ugly.

After a watching from the sidelines, I decided to jump right in and I started my own finance company Thrive Investment Finance in 2013.

It became clear to me from the very beginning at Thrive, that the skills I had and the stuff I'd learnt in personal life journey (a whole other story !) meant that I could make a bigger impact that only providing lending for my customers. Not just 'doing the transaction' of a loan application, but to look at what other areas I could be of service to them. What more I could bring to the table, so to speak.

After getting the hang of the whole 'running my own business' and building it from scratch for the first four years, I turned my attention to money management, education and behaviour.  Shortly after, The Mighty Money Movement sprang to life with just a handful of customers.

Throughout the last 12 months, I've learnt a lot about myself and how I operated in business. I'll be honest 2017 absolutely kicked my ass !

During that time I felt a strong desire to work out just what the hell I was really supposed to be doing. What was my purpose, and how did all these skills I'd picked up along the way fit together ?

The next step was to use what I'd learnt and start sharing it with other brokers - that's how the How to Be a Happy Mortgage Broker workshops started and continue to grow (watch this space).

If you're on this page, your on this journey with me to figure out what the next evolution of me and my business will look like.  


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  • How To Be a Happy Mortgage Broker

Go behind your day to day business and your to-do list to actually look at your bigger why, assess your direction in business and learn how to inject more YOU into everything you do.


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Thought provoking and very different to anything you would typically expect as ‘training’ in our industry
— The Joy Is In The Numbers participant
Do it, it opens your eyes.
— The Joy Is In the Numbers participant
Please do - invest some time in yourself, understanding yourself and your own growth and development
— The Joy Is In The Numbers participant
If you really want to look at why you are doing what you are doing then go. Some people have to be ready to hear it.
— The Joy Is In The Numbers participant
Be prepared to be honest , share and accepting of personal growth
— The Joy Is In The Numbers participant
Confronting, deep, enlightening, empowering and necessary....and perhaps long overdue :)
— The Joy Is In The Numbers participant

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 How to Choose a Mortgage Broker

How to Choose a Mortgage Broker

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